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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really cut me a check?
Yes, if you like our offer we will cut you a check when you drop-off/have us pickup your vehicle.
Will you buy my vehicle if it's in need of reconditioning?
Absolutely, we have an extremely talented team of mechanics & collision specialists. 
What if I owe more than your purchase offer?
If you have negative equity on your vehicle (being underwater, or upside down on your loan.) You can still sell your vehicle to us. You will just have to pay us the difference at time of possession/pickup. Or you can roll your remaining balance into the purchase of a new vehicle.
What will happen to my vehicle?
We recondition and connect your vehicle with a new owner looking for a vehicle exactly like yours. We have connections nationwide who want to procure these vehicles.
I don't have my title anymore, will you still buy my vehicle?
Probably! Each situation is unique, so contact one of our estimators to get help on the next steps.
How long will it be until my bank receives the payoff?
We want your vehicle as much as you want it paid off. So we fund your payoff right away.